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Commercial Building Renovation & Restoration

Interior and Exterior Workmanship Restore Elegance and Utility

DD&B Construction

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DD&B Construction, Inc. has the experience and skill to tackle commercial building renovation and restoration of all kinds.

Historic Renovation

We will partner with you to ensure that a historic building—even one listed on the National Register of Historic Buildings—is renovated with care and consideration of its historic significance. We are familiar with the special permitting and permissions these projects require and can help guide clients in both the planning stage and the execution of historic renovations.

Fire and Weather Damage Restoration

In weather disasters or when fire has damaged a commercial building, the repair needed may be both structural and esthetic. Hiring DD&B Construction as a general contractor for these projects ensures that exterior, structural and interior finishes will all be restored to their previous grandeur. We will work with your insurance company and provide reasonable cost estimates, so restoration work can begin quickly.

Renovations and Updates

DD&B Construction has worked with many companies in the hospitality industry on both hotel construction and renovation. We are considered to be experts in interior finish out, and use this craftsmanship when we renovate and update the interiors of commercial office and retail buildings, apartments and condos, and hotels and resorts.

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