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Safety & LEED

Protection for Workers and the Environment

Construction Safety Commitment

Our commitment to safety is readily apparent from the moment someone enters our offices or job site. Our team leads by example, setting standards and defining best practices for our employees and subs. The focus on safety has led to a culture of safety first in our management activity and enforcement.

Safety training is the foundation of our program. Consistent communication and at least monthly safety inspections by third party safety inspectors ensure that DD&B complies with the highest level of job site safety. All direct labor, supervisors, and project management teams, as well as subcontractors are required to be safety trained and adhere to OSHA rules and requirements. From proper protective gear for owner walk-throughs to harnessing for work at elevated heights, we work hard to keep everyone safe.

Safety Management Program

Our safety management program delineates how safety is prioritized on all DD&B job sites.

It includes:

  • Contracts planning—Requiring subcontractors to have the correct safety procedures and practice in place before committing workers to the job site. We enforce this requirement stringently.
  • Training—We train new and existing DD&B employees on accident and loss prevention best practices.
  • Enforcement—Our contracts are enforceable. Employees and subcontractors are subject to contract enforcement if they fail to abide by safety requirements.
  • Monitoring—All job sites routinely undergo third-party safety inspections. This frequent independent monitoring ensures that our personnel and subcontractors meet or exceed safety standards.

The safety of our employees and subs is a top priority. Safety first is not just a buzz word, but an attitude that is a part of our work every day.

LEED and Sustainable Construction

DD&B Construction works with our clients’ architects and engineers to ensure a smooth construction process while meeting project sustainability requirements. Whether the project is LEED certified or not, we know that sustainable buildings are now the norm, and our construction team members have first-hand experience with Green and LEED building projects.

LEED certification and Green buildings are making construction more complicated for clients. There are myriad paths toward certification and often additional local jurisdiction requirements, as well. Because we have built many sustainable projects, clients can rely on our team members to provide guidance during design, preconstruction and construction of their LEED and Green projects.

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