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Modular Construction

Time-savings With Quality and Strength

DD&B Construction

Modular Construction. Extensive Experience.

Clients who need construction completed within a strict timeframe often opt for modular construction methods. DD&B Construction, Inc. has extensive experience with construction project management, site preparation and assembly of modular components and/or volumetric units. Our final product is a commercial building that offers everything expected from one constructed using traditional methods—in less time.

Is modular construction a good choice for your project? There are many things to consider. While modular construction is generally cost-effective, financing may be more difficult. Room sizes often must be kept relatively small, and some communities may restrict modular construction.

Modular construction is an appropriate choice for many projects.  A general contractor like DD&B Construction can help clients navigate design, permitting, and the myriad other issues inherent in modular construction. Our vast experience can help make your modular construction project successful.

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