Explore our Preconstruction and construction development services below.

General Contractor

DD&B Construction Inc. is a full-service General Contractor specializing in “turnkey” construction projects and construction management. As General Contractor, DD&B will engage with you throughout the process, overseeing all facets of your construction project. This includes:
  • Providing budget consulting, value engineering and other pre-construction services
  • Utilizing stipulated sum, guaranteed maximum price, or cost-plus contracts
  • Supervising all work and the administration of subcontractors
  • Delivering top-quality results on time and on budget
When working as a subcontractor, DD&B Construction brings its reputable expertise and experience to projects of any size. We pride ourselves on professional subcontracting services in the following trades:
  • Drywall
  • Indoor Painting
  • Outdoor Painting
  • Doors & Hardware
  • Carpentry
  • Masonry

Pre-Construction Services

For many clients, work with DD&B begins long before the first draft is drawn. We provide a suite of valuable Pre-Construction Services, lending our seasoned approach to everything from budgeting and scheduling to pre-construction analysis and even drawing.
  • Permit Processing – We help you navigate the often timely and complicated process of acquiring all necessary permits for your upcoming project.
  • Value Engineering – We provide a comprehensive value assessment of your project and recommend cost-saving measures as applicable.
  • Drawing – We consult directly with you and your architect on drawings at every stage of pre-development. Success starts at the first draft.

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