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A Foundation of Achievement

DD&B Construction was built on a foundation of hard work, honest business practices and a desire to achieve. The company was founded by Dolat Mehta, a civil engineer from India who first arrived in the United States in 1971. After working his way up through the competitive D.C. construction industry – from foreman to superintendent, project manager and eventually Vice President at a leading firm – Dolat struck out to begin his own General Contracting Company.

In 1981, three investors named Dolat, Doug & Buford formed DD&B. Work began small, but never slow. Within just a few years, DD&B had moved from single-story renovations and basement interiors to school construction, major hospitality construction and Maryland government contracts.

Mr. Mehta bought out the initial partners and set the company's sights on regional expansion. Throughout the 1990s, DD&B extended into Virginia, New Jersey, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania and Delaware. All the while, DD&B began to offer a more comprehensive slate of services, including in-depth pre-construction services for new and existing clients.

In 2007, DD&B opened its first regional office in San Antonio, Texas.

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